Sister Cities Festival

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Sister Cities Festival am 22. September in Krasnodar

Die Idee dazu entstand während des offiziellen Besuchs einer Delegation aus Krasnodar in Karlsruhe.

Nachstehend dazu die Information und das Video von Ewgenij Perwyschow, dem Oberbürgermeister von Krasnodar.
Hier der Link mit dem Video von Ewgenij Perwyschow - Begrüßung aller Festivalsteilnehmer.

Und hier die Information:

About the Sister Cities Festival CietesФЕСТ
The 22nd September 2018

Location: Square in front of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region

The idea of holding the Sister Cities Festival in Krasnodar arose in autumn of 2017 during the official visit of the delegation of Krasnodar to Karlsruhe. It will be held as part of the celebration of the City Day of Krasnodar. And this choice is not accidental.

Our city has a great experience in holding of creative festivals, competitions, holidays on outdoor performance stages. But the most important, favorite and large-scale event is the City Day. Not only residents of the city, but also its guests take part in these festive celebrations. And by a long-established tradition Krasnodar welcomes numerous delegations of its sister cities these days. In order to keep this good tradition, to strengthen inter-municipal relations, as well as to involve a larger number of residents in the sister city movement, it was decided to include in the program of the 225th anniversary of the founding of Krasnodar a new event - the Sister Cities Festival.

This event will be held on an outdoor performance stage in front of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region on the 22nd September 2018.

Musicians of sister cities will go on stage by turn and acquaint the residents with their creativity. In this musical kaleidoscope the Krasnodar citizens will see a unique real-virtual dance of tulip girls from Karlsruhe. The puppeteer Stephan Blinn will enliven his wooden creations in front of the audience by magic of invisible threads. American one-man band Dylan Allen promises to surprise everyone with his virtuosic performance of folk hits on unique instruments. The jazz trio from Nancy will create a romantic atmosphere which takes the listener back to the past, to the cinema world. Parallel with the musical performances near the main stage of the Festival there will be an Austrian artist’s plein-air, in which anyone can participate and recreate one of the most recognizable views of Wels. Thanks to the latest technologies city residents will appear on the aircraft board of an Austrian company, get acquainted with the bright tourist routes of Austria. And all the gourmets can attend a master class of German cooks, how to bake pretzel.

The list of the participants will be enlarged. Now the answer from other sister cities is being expected.

During the Festival films-presentations about all sister cities will be broadcasted on a big screen.

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